Back in the saddle again

Hello! It’s been awhile. While I have been running in the last year, a lot has changed for me. When I first started this blog, I really wanted to use it to share my running experiences as well as write some product reviews on new and cute running gear. Unfortunately, I didn’t really get much of a chance to do any of that. Back in June of 2013 I took a job and things were promised to me. I was promised that if I worked hard, that I would move up within 6 months. So I went with the flow. When I started, I had a good schedule that didn’t conflict with my training and races. When it came around the time for my promotion in December, they told me I had to wait longer and instead, my schedule got moved around to the point where I was working long and hard hours and was too tired to do anything else, let alone run. I lost my speed that I had worked on for 3 years completely. If I wanted to run a race I had to have someone work my shift and eventually, by September 2014 I was told that I couldn’t race at all and that I  would have to choose between my job or racing. At that point I had enough and realized that I was being taken advantage of. So I started looking for another job. I was blessed with an opportunity to work in my field in December so I put in my two weeks. My last day was January 2, which was also my birthday. That was the best gift ever! 

During that horrible 9 months, I raced when I had the chance but over time, you can definitely see my decline in fitness as well as my speed. In January 2014 I ran my fastest half marathon, sub 2 hours. By April my time decreased significantly. My first and second full marathons, which took place in October and December I barely prepared for. I ran the Cal Neva Marathon and the California International Marathon that year and crashed miserably during both of them. My first marathon I finished in 5 hours and 30 minutes. The second I finished in 5 hours and 15 minutes. Not what I had hoped for. 

So what did I learn from all this besides to never let someone else dictate when I can run and when I can race? I learned that consistency is the most important thing when it comes to training for any distance. You cannot simply stop running for three weeks and then expect to pick up and be able to run 16 miles right off the bat.

After I quit my job, I went into major turbo mode. I trained hard for 8 weeks and ran the Phoenix Half Marathon in just over two hours. I put in 40 mile weeks and earned my fitness back. The speed is coming back gradually but I am proud that I was able to overcome a major setback. 

Question: Have you ever had to bounce back from something unexpected that set back your running? How did you cope?


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