About Me

Welcome and thanks for reading my rambling and infrequent blog posts! I’m Allie and I live in Reno, NV with my boyfriend and our two rambunctious daughters. If you’re into the outdoors, Northern Nevada is where it’s at. There are so many places to go trail running and all of them are absolutely gorgeous. Plan on a spectacular view of Lake Tahoe or a pretty waterfall if you ever manage to venture out.

I’m a true science geek at heart. I am an environmental chemist when I  not running. I love running (obviously), cooking, baking and SHOPPING. I love seeking out new styles and making my own. I began blogging as a way to mesh my two obsessions– running and fashion– together. Who says you can’t look cute when you run? I love exploring new gear and sharing what awesome stuff I find. Who knows though, you might find the occasional recipe on here too.

My Running Background
I’ve been running since high school. I ran both track and cross country but most of my focus was on the long jump and triple jump. I also ran the 100 m, 200 m, 100 m hurdles and 300 m hurdles. I definitely wasn’t into the running part though back then! Even though I had short little legs, they could jump super far! After I had my second child in 2011, I started running again for weight loss. I couldn’t believe how quickly I lost the baby weight and how much I enjoyed running long distance. I also started hiking a lot.  I’ve been obsessively and exclusively running since 2012 because I have this older brother who ran for Carnegie Mellon University back in the 80’s and who now runs Ultramarathons (can you say bad influence?).  I started off slow and once I really got into it I started doing speed work and made myself faster. I finished my first half marathon in October  2013 in 2 hours and 55 seconds! Since then, I have run a handful of races including 3 marathons. I quickly got my cousin Megan into running and now we plan on races together months in advance.

Confessions of a Shopaholic
So I’m obsessed with clothes. If you ask me what I’m doing and I’m on my phone, I’m probably doing some sort of online shopping. My internet history is flooded with J Crew and Free People pages! It doesn’t stop there either; I’m constantly looking for gear to make my runs go better. I always need something new. And I’m obsessed with getting new running shoes. I’ve tried to just buy them when the mileage gets high, but I can’t. I love trying different brands and seeing the difference.


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