Going green

Running in the heat is definitely a “must not”. But sometimes I get so excited to train I forget, and then I learn my lesson all over again. I feel absolutely sick from today’s workout of 6×400 meters at 5K pace in the 90 degree weather. Talk about determination! I’m green with nausea. Thank goodness tomorrow is a rest day.

Speaking of green, one of my favorite colors right now is mint green. It goes with everything and looks good on everyone and every complexion. You can check out my current must haves and what’s on my shopping list right now by clicking on the pictures below. I love the stripes in the Oiselle top! It would be perfect for a morning workout and then heading to coffee with a friend.

Mint Green


Kinvara 5

What’s your favorite color trend right now?


Reno 10 Miler

I’ve got a new obsession: the Oiselle Roga Short. This short is your favorite pair of yoga shorts meets your favorite pair of running shorts! What I love about these is they don’t poof in the front and they don’t cause any chafing whatsoever (what I hate the most!!). They’re flat and totally flattering! Today was my first race wearing these; I ordered a second pair as soon as I got home. 😉

The 10 Miler was challenging but fun. I ran it conservatively, basically using it as a race pace run for the week (I have the Lake Tahoe Marathon in 4 weeks). It started downtown, went up through the University, down to the river, up through Old Southwest Reno, circled back down to Idlewild and back to Downtown Reno for the finish. It seemed more challenging than last year as they changed up the course a bit.


Now I’m beat, and can’t wait for my post-race tradition– a cheeseburger from Five Guys! Yum!!


You’ve probably stumbled upon this blog because you’re like me; you’re obsessed with running. I’d been wanting to start a blog for a long time but never got around to it. So here it is, and welcome! Check back from time to time because more than likely, you’ll find me rambling about my two favorite things: running and fashion. Who says you can’t look cute when you run? I’m always on the lookout for the cutest, most functional stuff out there so when I find it, I am more than excited! I love trying new products! Some of my favorite brands right now are Oiselle, Under Armour, and Moving Comfort.

As I gear up for the Cal Neva Marathon next month in beautiful Lake Tahoe, I’m looking for something to get me through the cool morning weather up there. I read it’s going to be in the 40’s-50’s! Definitely not what I’m used to lately. I am currently considering a pair of these Oiselle Flow Tights. I need a pair of running tights that stay up for this Fall/Winter. My Adidas soccer pants have definitely had it! 

Do you have a favorite fall running pant go to? What do you like to wear when the weather starts to change?